Common Issues of Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever wondered whether you have poor indoor air quality or not? A few issues concerning indoor air quality can be apparent, but some are more challenging and too subtle to notice. Below are some of the following issues that may be caused by poor indoor air quality of your home and some solutions to help fix it. 

Bad smell 

Does your house have a distinct odor that smells bad? Or can you smell something off within your house frequently and you’re unsure what it comes from or at least what it is? When you’re experiencing this now regularly and you cannot determine any reason behind it, you may try to have your indoor air quality checked. HVAC experts will go to your home and inspect to observe whether the smell comes from an issue with your HVAC systems or determine any causes of this bad odor. As soon as they’ll know the cause, then they will effectively put an end to it.  

Chronic or frequent illness 

If you either feel sick most of the time, you obtain sudden respiratory infections or sinus infections without really knowing the reason behind it, or when most of the individuals living under the same roof get sick most often, then there’s a huge possibility that the indoor air quality may be the culprit of all of these types of sickness. Particular kinds of bacteria or mold can reach within your system and cause such infections in your body, which take a toll on your health.  

To help you with this, HVAC technicians will do their best in treating your system based on their findings after testing your indoor air quality. Most of them will treat mold and apply anti-bacterial agents and see to it that it will be moisture-free. This way, the issue will not return and you will have healthier surroundings to live in. Also, you must be able to breathe well soon.  

Asthma and allergies 

Even if your indoor air quality is not the cause of your asthma or allergies, it can actually make them get even worse. When you’ve got tons of debris, dust, mold, or pet dander in your air, it can make anyone have difficulty breathing. Once you feel that your asthma or allergies usually get worse when you’re at your own home and you can’t find any valid explanation why this happens, maybe it’s time to get your indoor air quality inspected by an HVAC expert. 

Once the HVAC technicians find out that your air has several things that trigger this issue, several potential solutions may help you with that. They can begin by performing a vent and air duct cleaning North Port services to eradicate the amassed debris and dust. Then, your system can be treated with solutions that can destroy any mildew or mold. Ultimately, you can request to have your HVAC system sealed so that there’s no way for particles out of your house to get inside.