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Welcome to this discussion of the architectural design process in ancient Greece.




This page does not yet have true content.

This group of web pages and its companion blog (at propylaea.org/blog/welcome) are intended to provide a venue for further exploration of questions and relevant information concerning the planning work of the ancient Greek architect. Please note that this group of web pages and the companion blog are intended to be essentially identical as to content but to provide two different ways of presenting the same information and eliciting comments. As a result, comments made in response to these pages via email and at the blog site in standard blog fashion will be available in both venues.


You will note that there are currently three pages (each of which may ultimately have subsidiary pages); "General Planning Issues," "Propylaea Matters," and "Discussion." The "General Planning Issues" page is intended to be the locus for discussions of information on planning based upon sources other than the Propylaea. The page headed "Propylaea Matters" will contain discussions of issues related to specific facts from the Propylaea. This "Discussion" page will contain considerations of the architects' actual work, with references to information and discussion in the other pages. It does not yet have any content.

To comment -- your comment will be added to the appropriate page -- please send email to Harrison Eiteljorg, II, user name: nicke at the domain name csanet.org.

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