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CSA Propylaea Project: Now Archived

The CSA Propylaea Project has been concluded, and digital materials have been archived at the Archaeology Data Service in York, England. Therefore, this site is no longer the place to which anyone should come for access to the digital files. Instead, readers should go to this URL: to begin looking for the appropriate files. As many readers of this page will understand, the materials are being accessed by a digital object identifier (DOI) which is intended to be a permanent way to find the appropriate page.

If anyone has any questions about the data or the website, those questions may, until further notice, be directed to Harrison (Nick) Eiteljorg, II, at user-name nicke and domain name

Please note that, for the present, the discussion of ancient Greek architectural practices remains available here, but only via web pages now. [Automated attempts to post commercial messages to the blog created problems that resulted in the termination of the blog.]

Propylaea, central portion, digital, Feb., 2000

Propylaea, NW wing, digital, 2000

Propylaea, SW wing, digital, 2000


Propylaea SW wing

Note the color differences between the top photo and the lower one. This reflects the color of the sunlight at the west end of the Acropolis, with the morning light being cool and the afternoon light warm, growing steadily warmer toward sunset.


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